Ageless Arts Yoga Workshops

Tracey holds many yoga workshops throughout the year in different locations across Canada and the United States. To register, you can visit the host websites or contact Tracey directly.

Current List of Yoga Workshops:

The Bodies Design and How it Moves

Transform Your Yoga Practice & Teaching

This one day workshop is designed for yoga teachers and students to understand how and why bodies move. We will be discussing anatomy in plain language with occasional references to medical terms. This is the perfect class for people who find anatomy intimidating.

In this experiential class we will explore

Compression vs Tension
Proportions and how they affect asana
How to adapt a pose to make it accessible
The basic anatomy structures

When: July 6th, 2018

Where: Grand River Yoga
(1 Bethel Road, Paris/Brant, Ontario)

Cost: $65.00 (tax included)

Accommodations are available if you would like to extend your stay, arrive early, or stay overnight.

Mala Bracelet Making WorkshopMala Bracelet Making Workshop

Join us for a fun gathering at Grand River Yoga to create your own Mala Bracelets.

Melding the expertise of Tracey regarding mindfulness and mantra, Frankie on beads, Jenn on Essential Oils.

Workshop includes:

  • 2 Mala Bracelets of your own creation
  • Explore the practice of mindfulness and mantra during the creation of your bracelets
  • Understand how the energy of beads/stones/crystals effect your physical and emotional body
  • Play with your senses to determine which essential oil(s) you’d wish to add to your bracelet

Coffee, Tea, light snacks & holiday treats will be served.
Enter a draw for free yoga classes at Grand River Yoga.

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Kayaking, Yoga & Meditation

Gratify your longing for a meaningful connection to nature as you explore kayaking, yoga & meditation along the beauty of the Grand River.

Tap into nature’s profound ability to inspire us and help us gain clarity in our lives as we:

  • Delight in the flow of mindfully paddling down the Grand River
  • Relax into tranquil walking and floating meditations
  • Practice Yoga in the beauty of nature to balance mind, body & spirit
  • Breathe into the present moment

Chair Yoga for Every Body!

Utthita Parsvakonasana

Extended Side Angle Chair Yoga

Do you have students, patients, or clients that would benefit from doing Yoga but:

• cannot get down on the floor because of age, injury, or inflexibility?

• want to practice Yoga but due to tight quarters getting on the floor is impractical (at work, travelling, etc.)?

Traditionally unless you can move up and down from the floor with ease people have been unable to reap the exceptional benefits yoga brings to the body, mind, and spirit.  Now, you can open this wondrous world to a new audience.

In this program, Tracey will add a new dimension to your teaching and/or caregiving.  The teacher certification will provide you with a firm foundation for teaching Chair Yoga. Click here for more information about our Chair Yoga Trainings.